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What Is An MPLS Network?

Think you're informed about Ethernet MPLS or MPLS Networks most of the time? If so, you are aware that MPLS provides a a great deal more cost effective solution for connecting many sites when compared to a spider-webbed point-to-point network or old-school frame relay. The strengths are particularly apparent -- with a point-to-point network, if you do not spider-web it to make certain that all nodes can communicate with all the other nodes (which is much too costly), if a link drops between nodes, then a number of nodes are unavailable from your specific network until that connection is fixed. But with an MPLS network and the private cloud and smart routing it includes, one node being down solely affects that one node, not the other nodes with your private network.

The Advantages of an MPLS Network

Another advantage of MPLS Networks is the fact each node can be scaled with the appropriate amount of bandwidth. For example, in a point-to-point configuration, when you've got a PTP connection between "A" and "B", you must have the identical bandwidth at both "A" and "B". But with MPLS you might have an MPLS T1 at node "A", a 250 MB Ethernet MPLS at node "B", a Bonded T1 MPLS at node "C", etc, and it'll all communicate really well.

Could You Have An Ethernet MPLS Network?

Similar to a T1 line or bonded T1 line, it's also possible to have Ethernet MPLS circuits which are largely a lot more cost effective selection for precisely the same amounts of bandwidth with your MPLS network. Sites that specialize in MPLS Ethernet are experts in this type of connection very particularly.

Can Your MPLS Network Be Joined With an Internet Circuit?

Several corporations can optionally use an enhanced port enabling Internet access and MPLS access on the exact same circuit. While being a technical reality, the jury remains to be out on whether or not this makes valid sense from a security point of view, since without correct safeguards and a secure firewall, having Internet access situated on the identical circuit that your private MPLS network is running can represent a security risk, despite the financial benefit of this kind of setup. So yes, you could have a T1 MPLS line on the same MPLS network as a 1 GB Ethernet MPLS circuit.

An Aspect To Be Aware Of About MPLS Solutions

Something in particular to note is that MPLS technology is a technique, and it is NOT a standard. What this means to you is that each and every carrier deploys MPLS differently, and you need to use the SAME service provider at all of your MPLS nodes. While it is theoretically possible to combine carriers on your MPLS network, the time, effort, and "technical jury-rigging" will likely be not worth the effort compared to utilizing the same carrier at all of your MPLS nodes. As long as you are utilizing exactly the same carrier for all nodes, it is possible to combine the quantity of bandwidth at each node in line with the sort of traffic you expect to have at that node. For instance, node A might be an MPLS T1, while node B might be a 3xT1 bonded T1 MPLS location, node C may be 100 MB Fast Ethernet MPLS, etc. This facet is significantly different than a point-to-point circuit where the same bandwidth needs to be present at each end of the circuit.

Where To Get Discounted MPLS Pricing

While almost all carriers offer MPLS circuits, you want to be sure that you choose a carrier who undertands MPLS technology and can really provide what they say they are going to provide. Not all carriers understand MPLS and the often associated COS (Class Of Service) that can accompany it, and it has been demonstrated time and time again that second and third tier carriers just cannot provide this type of service adequately without cutting significant corners that are important to you and the problem you are trying to solve.

Check us out now and speak with a technical professional, free, who can listen to what you want to accomplish and make appropriate and cost effective recommendations. You will also be giving pricing from amongst the 35+ first tier and top tier carriers we represent, with each quote having a guarantee that you cannot get a lower price by going directly to the carrier or another agency representing that carrier for the same circuit at the same locations, guaranteed in writing!

We also stand behind the sale, even though your contract is directly with the carrier and you have taken advantage of our volume pricing discounts. If you are ever having a problem with the circuit that the carrier is not resolving, please get us involved -- we have a direct line into senior management and vice presidents at each of the carriers we represent, and are happy to make heads roll on your behalf if needed!

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